Language bridges the gap between our inner and outer worlds. It is a powerful way to communicate how we think to ourselves and others.

Words can build worlds, tear down walls, and imagine futures. Here, the power of words is pressed into the service of illuminating the unseen.

With these words maybe we can begin to see differently, act differently, and ultimately become different kinds of people.
The Notes is the home of all Andrew's online writing.
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Weekly podcast at the intersection of spiritual formation and creativity.

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Weekly writing exploring powerful questions for change.
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Explorations of creative practices and projects.
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Flourishing In Museums
Contributing Author

Andrew contributes a chapter in this new volume sharing how his experience in tap dancing and improvisation opened the door to knowing hope and by extension seeing faith, and love in a new light.
Designing for Empathy
Contributing Author

Andrew contributed a chapter on the idea of synchronicity, describing the necessary elements of common context, deep listening, and communal imagination for the building of empathy.
Other Publications
Modelling Gender
Comment Magazine

As part of a complimentary reader symposium to their quarterly print issue, Andrew contributed a short piece exploring the model of masculinity he witnessed from his father, Joseph Nemr.
Aiming for Excellence
Vivid Magazine

Andrew's contribution, an article on excellence and spiritual formation, articulates the kind of excellence artists who are followers of Jesus Christ should be aiming for and how understanding spiritual formation can help the journey towards such aims.