Discover your voice.
Discover a deep tradition.
Make music with wonder.

All of this and more are found in the joy of tap dancing.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an artist or educator, find the resource that is right for you.
I got valuable lessons and understandings from working with Andrew that I don’t believe I could have gotten from anyone else.
Gina N.
Tap Dance Coaching Client
For the Littles
Want to bring tap dance to your school or camp? Want to share the joy of tap dancing with the little ones in your community.

Explore Tap Dance Land with Andrew Nemr brings school assembly presentations and workshops to students 3-5 years old.

These programs inspire little ones to move, experience music making, and express themselves with their whole bodies.
For Dance Studios
Services for Dance Studios include in-studio workshops, tap dance + music intensives, and curriculum consultations.

Tap into a unique resource to bring inspiration, excitement, and new discoveries to your program and students.
Andrew has worked with
Music, Classroom Resources, and more
Mentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew began dancing at the age of 3 1/2. His love for dancing started at a local dance studio, and was transformed when he saw the movie TAP.

He was quickly provided the opportunity to know and be mentored by some of the best tap dancers in the world.

They imparted a joy and care for the art of tap dance that Andrew has continued to share throughout his career.