Spirit in Jazz+Dance
Music + Dance + Spiritual Formation
About the Show
The Spirit in Jazz+Dance is an embodied exploration of spiritual formation. Exemplified in the forms of improvised tap dance and jazz piano, the show features dynamic performances and intimate conversation.

Get a look inside Andrew's journey of apprenticeship in Tap Dance Land. Bear witness to how his discovery of how this dynamic has applies to areas of faith and life!
Tap dance artist, Andrew Nemr, and jazz pianist, Justin Nielsen perform together as master improvisers. Audiences will witness their intimate knowledge of their respective forms and the freedom they have in dialogue.

Following their performance they will sit together for a conversation about how they became the craftspeople they are, and how that journey as deeply intertwined with their journeys of faith and life. Audience members are encouraged to join the conversation with questions.

The performance culminates with a final performance.
Andrew Nemr (tap dance + conversation)
Justin Nielsen (piano + conversation)

Runtime: 75min
Can be presented with or without intermission

TECH RIDER: Available upon request
ARTIST RIDER: Available upon request
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Music + Dance + Spiritual Formation